Saturday, April 03, 2004

Illegal aliens are my friends,2933,115803,00.html

Interesting article from Fox.

First and foremost America has been built on the back of immigration. That is a simple fact. We were all new at one time (unless you are not an native American). Immigration is important, but open boarders are not the answer. America has several groups out there waiting to level a few good-sized building in a few major cities, and take down a few thousand civilians.

This article estimated that there were 11 million illegal aliens in America right now (I have heard that there are 10 to 15 million).

Several steps need to be taken to solve this problem.

The first step would be to lock down our boarders, so that we can track those coming in and out. This would allow us to manage immigration better (counting the ones that want in), along with providing better security (big fences seem to work in Israel).

The second step would be to get rid of several (Around 5 million would be nice) million people who are working illegally, we could lower the unemployment rate drastically, not to mention lower the amount of money flowing directly out of the US to other parts of the world, so more money will be spent inside the US (there are 10 to 15 million people sending as much money as they can back to their families, that adds up quick). Since the boarders are locked down the illegal immigrants canĂ‚’t get back in.

Then the ones which are left give amnesty to and start a guess worker program, where they can work anywhere not just farms. Now you can track and also tax those working in America.

Lower unemployment
More tax money coming in.
Better security.
Less money being shipped out of the US
More money being spent in America.

Higher cost of boarder control and immigration.
Higher prices on goods, which were once made cheaply (which some of the goods could just be made in Mexico). The higher prices on farm products would hurt us, but then again how many people are involved in farming year round. Cheap labor could still come from Mexico, but we would be able to track when and where they came in and when and where they go out of the country.

Over all I do not think anything would change that much.


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