Sunday, August 01, 2004

John Edwards is a draft dodger...

John Edwards's birthday is 6/10/53 , and a lottery for men facing the draft in 1973 was done "on February 2, 1972, determined the order in which men born in 1953 were called to report for induction into the military."
"John Edwards" + birthday
John Edwards number would have been 178, but "This lottery was conducted for men who would have been called in 1973; however, no new draft orders were issued after 1972."
"John Edwards" + birthday
Unlike in 1971, where "The highest lottery number called for this group was 95; all men assigned that lottery number or any lower number, and who were classified 1-A or 1-A-O (available for military service), were called to report for possible induction."
John Edward's birthday
In other words John Edwards is NOT a draft dodger, because they did not have a draft the year he was born. Just a lottery to prepare for the draft.
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