Saturday, August 28, 2004

I have been very good

...Recently, all this week I have not been posting from work. Today I decided to break the embargo, and put some information out there for you. Interestingly, this post is about work.

Here are some emails that I have received lately at work.

To celebrate *Insert company name here* 10th anniversary,
we will be holding a week-long celebration!

and this one


If you opt not to dress up for the festivities next week, dress will be business casual.
Monday - Crazy Hat Day (biz casual)
Tuesday - Sports Day
Wednesday - Decade Day
Thursday - Hawaiian Shirt Day
Friday - AIMS Logo Shirt Day


Here are some ideas that have been passed around between some friends at work, for Monday.

The penis cap.
A flesh colored hat shaped like the head of a penis. To be done properly this cap would need to be a replica of your own penis.

The bra cap.
A bra wrapped around you head (stuffed or unstuffed - personal preference).

The meat cap
Just go here.

I was leaning toward the bra cap, but then I thought of this one.

Tin foil hat.
I found this site with directions and tips for protecting yourself from all sorts of stuff I did not know existed.

I know which one I am wearing, and it is not women's underwear. I did not want to go into the store and try bras out on my head, I think that would get me arrested.


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Anonymous said...

You could always borrow one of mine again. : )

- Angel