Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wouldn't the market place of ideas come up with this

Lifetime contacts with companies.

A company could provide all of you food, health care, living expenses, training,and education for your children if you signed a lifetime contract with the company. The company would have an incentive to keep you happy and find the type of work that you would be most productive at. The benefits you would receive, you would never have to worry the scary things in life. Loss of health or jobs, all that would be taken care for you. You would not get paid, but your compensation would come in other tangible forms for goods and services. It would be a cradle to the grave contract. If there was a profit to be had, you would think that it would have been tried.



Andrew said...


Since I don't know you well enough yet, I don't know if you're being really witty and snide, or inadvertantly oblvious. :)

Either way, nice presentation. It brightened up my morning.

Cubicle said...

uhhh...yea, i don't know either.

does this mean i can get free coffee from you coffee shop?

Andrew said...

If I had a coffee shop, absolutely. But that may be a long way off. I just link to the Caffine Dreams coffeeshop in Omaha because I refused to sell the domain name ( to them when they opened up shop a few years ago; otherwise, I'm unaffiliated.

But more importantly: you just proposed indentured servitude. The market place of ideas has come up with it, and that pesky American government deemed it specifically illegal in the 13th amendment to the constitution. Those damned abolitionists: always trying to interfere with the free market. ;)

Cubicle said...

you take the word corpatation and insert the word goverment.

take away the contract idea, and insert the idea of "your rights".

watta bing, watta have socialism!!!

on the link thing.
ahhh...odd though.