Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kerry and vets

More thoughts on the Kerry and the ads attacking him.

First, the vets did believe in their cause enough to put their names, reputations, and families where their mouths are. That fact has a certain amount of creditably in my mind.

Secondly, Kerry could strike back hard and fast...but he would be attacking people (who may be young, but when you think of the word verteren do you think young?) who have fought for this country. While Kerry has fought for this country, he is also running for president. Presidents don't attack vets. Kerry's only option was to use his lawyers to fight back, which I don't know if that will backfire or not. The right will put spin on it, but I don't know if that will affect people's view of him.

So it looks like Kerry either has to take it or just form a similar group against bush, and have vets attack vets, which as long as Kerry does not do it ... it will be ok.

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