Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A new framework for considering environmental decisions

This tech central article models the environmental decisions based on this sentence: "All interesting and important policy question involve choosing among competing values."

Which in that article this line occurs near the end:

The great grandchildren of the world's poorest are those most likely to be adversely effected by global warming. Here's the key to ethical policies. The best defense against adverse consequences of warming is wealth creation in the developing world.

Which seems to forget that the amount of CO2 produced is related to the size of the economy, which is why America is the world's largest producer. So this writer want to make everyone rich, but he forgets that to save the environment we must all stay poor and not travel further than we can walk in a day. If everyone is as rich as the US, then global warming would be happening at a much quicker pace. Such simplistic notions are what is going to kill the environment, us, our children, and everything else.

(can you feel my sarcasm?)

As a side note, read this Reuters article.


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