Friday, August 06, 2004

Funny things worth noting


Recently, I was coming in the side door that work, and I see a stack of boxes with the words "Butt-tainer" on it. I immediately wanted to show my friends at work, so I went and got my friend. I said, "I have something to show you," with a big smile on my face. My friend trusted me enough to follow, as we were walking we collected another friend who was going back to his office. We turned the corner and started pointing, laughing, and talking about the "Butt-tainer".

I asked, "What is it used for?". The friend we collected very sarcastically says, "Con- tainer for Butts [cigarettes]...Butt-Tainer." I go,"Oh, I thought they misspelled "tanner". You know "Butt-Tanner"". And he says, "Why would you need a "Butt-Tanner"?".

I say wide eyed, "Exactly...."

"Rear Door"

I was trying to print some stuff at work, I went to pick up my printed papers at the printer. It said, "Jam in Rear Door". I opened up the front door, took a look inside, pulled out a stuck page, and decided that I had done all that I was prepared to do. So I went in search of our infrastructure IT staff. I found they intern and said, "There is a printer that says, "Jam in Rear Door"". The intern is close to my age and say a smart ass comment asking why I did not do it myself.

I said with a big smile on my face, "Because I don't go in the back door".


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