Saturday, August 07, 2004

Why cycles?

day turns to night...night to day...Days get longer nights get shorter. Nights get longer, days get shorter. Interglacial to ice age and back again. The hare 10 year cycle. Tides, moon phases, women's periods, and rain fall. Even the stock market moves in cycles (but that is something man created, and it acts like a living organism)

human population has been steady growing....Does the economic growth cycle?

if the economy is driven by our needs, and our needs are only growing or at least staying steady, then why does it cycle or more importantly why does it go down?

do my bowl movements move in undetected cycles?

if humans regulated out needs to be regular (our clothes, gas, food,birthdays, holidays, the gifts we gave, the showers we take, the water we use, the electricity we use), would the economy and our bowl movements be regulated and therefore predictable?


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