Thursday, August 05, 2004

Movie review

Never Die Alone

As you know DMX is my favorite rapper/slash actor. I thought he played a really good rich, smart, law abiding black guy in Cradle 2 the Grave. Which by far has been his best action movie. I walked into Never Die Alone with a certain set of expectations, and those expectations were not met. That fact does not make this movie a bad movie, just one that I did not enjoy as much as I could have, if it had met my expectations. This movie has a strong social conscience as King David (played by DMX) tries to set his life straight. He fails, and dies early the movie. The movie basically shows where King David has screwed up, and how he attempted to make it right. The movie was no as action based as I would have like. The plot was good, and it had a point. I must admit that I never think about this movie, though if I was a heroin dealing criminal who had killed the only chicks I loved by giving them battery acid to shoot up, I think this movie would appeal to me. I think it might actually make me consider changing my life, and supporting the children I had fathered, if it was not for the money that I was making.



social conscience rating

French connection

This won an academy award in 1971. Not a very important movie unless you are studying the media and entertainment or the 1970's, and people's perceptions of the 1970's media and entertainment. I know the movie was made in 1971 and that it probable would not appeal to me, but I watched it anyways. In general I found the plot strong, but not great. It had a good car chase scene, but not a great one. One thing I did not like was the fact that, the movie took place over several months, but the director decided to leave out things like "2 months later" subtitles. What am I supposed to figure that out by myself?!?!!??! Having to figure out little details like this, really make it tough to pay attention to the plot. Fortunately, it meandered around a bit, before taking off so I have plenty of time to figure it out. In the comment section of the above link a guy says this.

"As several others have pointed out, this plot has a lot of big and small holes in it. I defy anyone to take apart a Behemoth Town Car, ripping it to shreds in the process, and then put it together again in such a way that no one notices it's been tampered with -- and all in four hours."

He is a fellow that apparently thinks during movies.
I just remember thinking...They did a good job of putting that car back together...Or what month is it?

One think I do remember thinking is that either New York has cleaned up a lot or Hollywood is doing a better job of hiding the dirt. The commenter also points out something similar.

If you want to know a lot about movies or you are just really bored this movie is for you.




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