Sunday, August 15, 2004

No we can't loose all our gay talented workers

This fox article was a good one, it goes on and one about how the gay governor was corrupt and evil, but not evil because he was gay. The fact that the man exercised lax morals in his personal life, probably had nothing to do with the fact his administration was corrupt .

This was the section that really sent me laughing:

We're either going to have to accept openly gay men and women as our elected officials, school teachers, soldiers, sports heroes, business leaders and parents, or we're going to have to deal with the consequences of doing without them in those areas.

And if we ever deplete the ranks of our best and brightest by that much, we won't be left with much.

If the gay population was 50 percent of the population , this person would have a good argument. The fact is there are probably more Jews in America than there are gays. That is just to say, that Jews make up about 2 percent (or less) of America's population. Each group just has high visibility, so it seems like their are more of them.

Then the last line is the kicker. So people who are gay are the best and brightest?!?

First, that is statistically improbable.

Secondly, as I said in an earlier post, Gay people don't want to be treated fairly, they want to be treated better than everyone else. Which I guess that is because, they actually think they are better than everyone else. They can think that, but if you put a bunch of gay people on an island they should (in theory) die out because they will not reproduce (either by choice or by genetics).


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