Saturday, August 14, 2004

World is going to end

A big bad wave.

Two twin hurricanes

Kilborn leaving 'Late, Late Show' and the fact that I don't know the difference between Kilborn and O'Brien is sad.

also this is really disturbing:

"We all know how difficult it is to come out as openly gay, whether to family or other loved ones," Garden State Equality chairman Steven Goldstein said. "No one could imagine what it's like to come out to 300 million people -- this is totally unprecedented."

New Jersey governor quits, comes out as gay

What bothers me is that this man committed adultery, and people just fill sorry for him and his family. If he would have cheated with another woman, this story would be about him resigning, but there would be no one feeling sorry for him. Instead because he came out, resigned, and admitted to adultery all in the same day. Gay groups are overlooking the fact he is not actually gay (he is bi-sexual), in order to make him the sympathetic figure. Gay people don't want to be treated the same way, they want to be glorified for their differences and honored.


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