Friday, August 27, 2004

Why god is a socialist and what man can do about it.

Hello friends, today we are going to play a game. I am going to describe a place and I would like for you to picture the place I am describing in you mind. Once I have laid out a fair description, we can begin the discussion.

This place I am thinking of

...has a strong central government that makes all major decisions.
...has cradle to the grave health care. where most of the people live an agrarian lifestyle. a place where animals are loved -- not used for food and doing the work of man. a where a high percentage of the population is vegetarian. where a most people are fulfilled by their work, not beaten down by it.
...has a near perfect climate.
...has a government that resources are large, expansive, and well managed. a place where people are free. a place where sustainable environmental policies are in place.

If you are thinking this place does not exist, you would be right. I am trying my best to describe what I think a modern day Garden of Eden would look like. I left off the things that might tip of the most clever readers.

Such as: a place where the God of Abraham, Moses, and Noah is worshipped night and day.

Garden of Eden, Heaven,or Utopia (man made or god given) is the human dream. Some believe that it will be heaven on earth, others believe there will be plump virgins in heaven. Some people, like Democratic Socialists of America, want heaven here on earth, and they also want to be the prime architects of that said heaven.

I think it is fairly obvious that God is a socialist powerhouse. Just take a look at the Garden of Eden, the first place God gave humans to play. No work, all vegetables, and no clothes. If that does not say "leaning to the left", then I don't know what does. What is more interesting than the fact that God is a socialist, is why the biodome collapsed?

The socialist Garden of Eden failed because, men could not follow the rules. In the garden of Eden there was only one rule, and we managed to break it in record time. We went from being benefactors of the socialist state, to being on our own. Our new natural state is one of continued toil, self reliance, and darkness. The important question to ask is, what to do now?

Man has two options, either we can try to regain our former glory or just try to make do with what the good Lord has given us. To regain our former glory would be to try to make heaven on earth. Can you say been there, done that? Heaven can be ran only by God, not by men.

Our only option, as the infallible men we are, is to make due, while trying to help as many people on the way as possible. This means pushing market reforms, killing Islamic fascist, and voting bush till we die.




Jesse said...

Wow, what fun to come across this sort of article written a few years ago. I just had this same thought while writing an essay, that "God is a socialist." Decided to Google that phrase to see if anyone else had concluded similarly, and what should I find but your article? 'Tis very good, yes.

My thoughts were simply trying to justify God's socialism with humanity. Obviously, not only is the Garden of Eden socialist, but God's uniform treatment of all believers. It doesn't matter who you are, what sins you've committed, etc., you're accepted regardless. Justifying this with the fact that society has flourished best during its capitalist stages is rather difficult, no?

Great thoughts there, sorry that I felt such an urge to stop by and comment as a completely random Internet user.

Michael Jones said...

The Bible is a pathetic immoral old book, with a load of inconsistencies and wickedness. The Old Testament was written by drunken goatherds, and the New Testament was written by the Roman aristocracy in order to keep the slaves from converting to Judaism.