Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Winning lines from this article.

Relief supplies poured rapidly into southwest Florida after Hurricane Charley's devastating punch but some of the thousands of newly homeless on Monday were frustrated as they faced rebuilding their lives.

Frustrated...Really...Why, whatever for?

"I thought we would be looking at a significant loss of life," said Wayne Sallade, director of emergency management in Charlotte County, on Sunday evening. "I am feeling better."

Did he just gloat that he was alive? That he was somehow spared from dying...I think so.

We're very well taken care of, there's lots of everything," Kathy Tooker, 30, said. She and her four children were among some 500 people at a Red Cross shelter at the L.A. Ainger Middle School in Englewood.

But frustration, fatigue and anger were beginning to set in.

Who are you made at...The insurance companies...Bush...Yourself for living in hurricane alley?

Showing rapid support for the state where his brother, Jeb Bush, is governor and which could be key to his re-election hopes in November, President Bush toured the worst-hit areas on Sunday. The president freed up federal emergency funds on Friday night, hours after the storm roared ashore.

Bush's father, George H.W. Bush, was criticized for reacting too slowly when Hurricane Andrew hit the Miami area in 1992, causing some $25 billion in damage.

Spot on has already mentioned this one.

"It's tough.... Just trying to clean up. Tough to start over," said Anthony Jones, 42, whose two-bedroom mobile home in Punta Gorda was shredded.

Jones, speaking after a day of picking through his scattered belongings, said he was not insured and hoped for help from the federal government.

So because he failed to insure his mobile home, he hopes the federal government will just hand him money to go by all new cheap crap that he will not insure?


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