Saturday, August 21, 2004

The media catches up to the blogshere

Well the big media has finally caught up to the swift boats for truth people. I guess the veterans were to swift for the reporters to catch last week, except for druge of course. While it is admirable that the media is actually giving the swift boat veterans some air time, the way the article that I read is presenting the timeliness is wrong.

"Never mind that almost daily there's a retraction or a new story to discredit what these veterans are saying."

This a misrepresentation. Only one report has come out. So if you were counting from the day it came out, then it would be daily. Of course, the report uses the world "almost". I guess this supposed to make me feel better. Then the article goes one the detail the one thing that has discredited the swift boat veterans in the eyes of liberals. In the eyes of conservatives, it does not hurt at all because it was Kerry who wrote the (or will they use "almost" wrote) the report.

"The Kerry campaign was curiously passive as the veterans gathered force in the media-as though responding would dignify the scurrilous charges. "

This is a lie, in my view of the world. Kerry's campaign lawyers sent letters to individual TV stations trying to get the stations not to air the ads. Where there are lawyers there is a story. The writer of this story might view that is passive, but I view that as taking action.

"Flanked by firefighters in Boston, Kerry stripped the mask of patriotic valor from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth by pointing out the source of their funding: a Texas Republican who wrote two checks for $100,000 to the group. "

Hmmm...So who paid for the ads attacking Bush's service? Was it a California liberal? Would that fact (it were true) strip the "mask of patriotic valor from the" democrat ads? I suspect not for this writer.

Email that I sent to the writer.

I loved your article, I made some wonderful comments about the accuracy and the unbiased nature of you article at my site.
I don't want to retype the praises I have just written ( I am so lazy :)); but feel welcome to read them yourself.

Kerry in 04'


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