Thursday, August 05, 2004

Movie Review

All right kids, I know you have been wondering where all the movies have gone, well I have been saving all the movie reviews for one big orgasmic explosion. So here we go.

This movie has made me come up with a new way of grading movies, in order that you may understand what I like. If you understand what I like, you will know if will you like it or not. So I will rate the movie on quality and enjoyment. The quality rating is basically in my view cinematic quality (plot, lines, directing, photography), and enjoyment is something more visceral and base. It cannot be argued with, it cannot be questioned, or evaluated. It just is.

2 fast 2 furious

This movie was a fun, exciting, and appealed to my basic needs in a action flick. Though it did not simulate any higher brain functions. The movie started off great with a very looooong chase scene that lasted for ever. Their were some amazing stunts, and it had Eva Mendes in it. Which she was also in Out of Time (2003/I), which I saw recently. Tyrese was very believable, while Paul walker suffered a bit, it seemed like he was playing a different much less cool character than he was in the original movie. That being said, I really enjoyed the movie. I would not pick up this movie unless you are extremely bored or like some of the same movies I do.



The last Samurai

What can you say tom cruise tried to deliver an epic the scale of Brave heart and he failed slightly. I liked the movie, and the battles were great and well done. I really didn't feel a strong emotional connection to tom's character or Ken Watanabe character. That could be because I knew that they were going to die at the end....Oh wait did I ruin it for you. Well you should have figured it out by the title "Last Samurai", and the fact that dudes with swords are not walking about today. I said I stop thinking when I watch a movie, that does not mean I turn off my brain while I am picking out the movie to watch. If tom would have got it on with the Chinese chick I think I would have like the movie better, but you know they had to make room in the budget for tom, and all his extra stunt men. This is a quality flick that you should not miss. If you are looking for some romance angles then don't exist in this movie, or if you want to see tons of hand to hand combat (there are some good fight scenes, but there is talking also) you might want to look around a bit before watching this movie. Though I did like this movie better than master and commander



Bad Boys 2

Well if you remember the first, one this movie would kicks it butt twice. This movie is funnier, longer, has more action,and more gore. Martin and will have a wonderful playful, and powerful onscreen persona. Though I found this movie tiring, just when I thought it was over they spend another 100 million on special effects. The story was huge and broad. The last sub plot line just seemed like the were gloating and did not add much to the entire movie (though it had some of the coolest secens it in). If you have a weak stomach I would make sure you can close your eyes at certain parts. If all cops where are cool as these two, crime would be all most nill in the USA. If you are looking for a solid all around action movie this fits the bill, and you will leave satisfied, if not overstuffed.

Enjoyablity: 650
Quality: 775



Rob said...

I like the Last Samurai after I first saw it. But now all I can remember is part where Tom Cruise slowly shuffles into Watanabe's house and sprawls lazily on the floor, and how that scene pretty much symbolizes Cruise's acting throughout the whole film.

Cubicle said...

a good moive yes, but not the epic they wanted.

I personally think because there was not love story in it, no one wants to see a movie with out a love story.

Also, name a good movie that did not have a love story. I bet that i can find 2 to every one you name.

Anonymous said...

The Long Kiss Goodnight