Sunday, August 08, 2004


Normally I don't force my will on others...But you have got to see this movie (s).

Ninjia: The little Ninja is a collection of film shorts (which all together are probably 45 mins long), about Ninjia, a young boy who is a ninja and is looking for someone. This series of films were better than most of the movies I have seen recently, and you know I have seen a few movies recently. I don't want to give away much of this film, but the story telling is amazing. It is unhurried, exact, witty, fun, sad, happy,and their is a good bit of blood involved. The only thing that could make this film better is getting the director of crouching tiger hidden dragon to direct a live action film of this exact story. Man I wish I was a Ninja, then I would get all of the chicks.

I have know about atom films for a long time, but I have never visited regularly. Though I think I might start doing that.




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