Saturday, August 07, 2004

Swift Vets against Kerry

In response to you question Brian...

I watch to many movies, but I saw the video and here are my impressions.

Have you ever seen bad of brothers, when the actual veterans talk?

Well if you have not let me explain, the look and the feel of the commercial seem like the documentary sections of band of brothers. When the vets are interviewed in band of brothers, they are will dressed, older (because it is from WW2), have the name and rank in front of them, and it was done like a documentary (don't know if there were pictures in the back ground of band of bothers, but there where in the Kerry add).

The commercial parades a seemly endless list of people who say they knew Kerry and served with him, and that he was a liar. They mention call Kerry a liar in that commercial way to much for my comfort, but they are trying to associate those two words in you mind.

The ad is powerful, true. Powerful enough to swing an extra 5 percent Bush's way? I don't know. Will it convince the vets who where on the fence? I think it will convince some of them. [update: I read this at Spot On update2: I read this on CNN] How many undecided will it convince? It depends on how much air time this gets.



Brian said...

Hey, thanks for the response. I too have watched the ad now. I have, as I mention in my own posts, mixed feelings on this subject. At first I was unmoved, as the charges are unsubstantiated in the ad. As you say, they "call Kerry a liar in that commercial way too much for my comfort." They'd have been better off having two guys give details than having thirteen guys issue vague condemnations. On the flip side, they're responding to what Kerry told us to do: ask vets what they think of him.

I think, in the end, Kerry will be sorry he focused so much on Vietnam and so little on the Terror and Iraq Wars. After all, I still believe that most of us non-Boomers geniunely don't care what did or did not happen in Vietnam,

Cubicle said...

"After all, I still believe that most of us non-Boomers geniunely don't care what did or did not happen in Vietnam"

I liked the movie "we were soliders" an excellent war movie by the way (and i know my war movies).

To say i don't care would be wrong, to say that i care more about Spet. 11 than i do about what happened in Vietname would be true, though.